Thursday, June 5, 2008

Questions that baffle me: number one

Why is it that when ever I think, I'll just quickly check my emails on the computer and then do something else, my mind also thinks, one quick game of mahjong on the computer, it won't take that long, and then I'm still there after an extended period of time????

It is probably the same part of my brain that is trying to convince that chocolate is a nutritional food group, sadly this is not true.

This does not bode well for the intellectual capacity of my brain does it????

ta ta for now,


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hello honey, I'm home

Well avid readers, I'm back. Like my dear friend Drama Queen Librarian, I have decided to make a return to the world of blogs. And I may just work my way through that other bloody list of things to do, as I said so confidently that I would in my last blog post in December.

I am taking six weeks away from work to help my darling daughter through a little rough patch in her life, and will, while she is at school hopefully be embarking on some small adventures that can be completed during the school hours of 8.45 and 3.15, so maybe I should blog about them and keep you all enthralled.

One of the first things I thought I might do was win powerball. I have been trying to do this for the past couple of weeks, but this, the big week, might be my week, and the other people who are in the tickets with me, so wish us luck. It would be a grand start to my adventure to win a share in 50 million dollars! I am contemplating going back to uni, looking for alternative employment, winning the millions of dollars, or marrying a handsome millionare, just not sure what to do.
But do you know, I read somewhere, that if you are faced with a couple of options to a potential problem, but none are jumping out at you, it probably doesn't matter which one you choose. I read that, it should help, but I still don't know what to do!

Also, in the spirit of honesty I should tell you the reason I am back on this blog is not as good as Drama Queen's reason for restarting hers. I tried to start a new blog, but couldn't remember how to make it look really cool, so here I am, back at this one. As I plough my way through the other 23million things to learn about web 2.0 I may get another, cooler blog going, wouldn't that be cool.

Talk soon,

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Let's keep going.....

Well, so I think that I have decided that I quite like blogging, the problem being that I just don't think that I am that interesting. So like the big nerdy nerd that I accused someone else missing their Learning 2.0 homework to be have decided to embark upon Learning 2.1 which can be found here
And I have also gone back over another persons blog entry about Cultural Literacy and something else I have forgotten now, and in the main part I have to say I agree. In fact just the other day I was remarking to a co-worker that within two generations I'm not sure anyone will be able to read anymore, or perhaps I should qualify that with I'm not sure they will be able to figure out what to read for themselves anymore. And if people cannot find what they want within two mouse clicks they will give up. I think it's a great shame that we don't seem to be letting people in on the great joy of discovering information anymore. And sometimes we as librarians are facilitating this. "Can't find that in a book, let me google it for you" is a common catchcry amongst the staff, don't think you can find that amongst a list of items, let me create a bloody great icon for you on the screen so you don't miss it, are we really this busy people that we can't take a minute to look for something any more???? I don't disagree with making peoples lives easier, in fact I'm all for it, but shouldn't part of making their lives easier include helping them to find information themselves, and now that I'm sounding a bit ranty it might be time to go.....

Sunday, December 2, 2007

23 Done, but not quite dusted

Finally, the end. I was going along quite well, then things went bellyup for a bit, but I got there in the end.

Habit 1 – Begin with the end in mind
Habit 2 – Accept responsibility for your own learning
Habit 3 – View problems as challenges
Habit 4 – Have confidence in yourself as a competent, effective learner
Habit 5 – Create your own learning toolbox
Habit 6 – Use technology to your advantage
Habit 7 – Teach and mentor others
Habit 7 ½ – PLAY!Have fun! It's never too late to become a lifelong learner.

I've got most of them covered I think, although some of you out there may not agree. I am known to procrastinate a bit and that's not so good, but here I am at the final post for Learning 2.0. But, you know, not my final post for ever I don't think, I quite like this. I would like to explore the possiblity of a blog for the reading group I run for upper primary school students, they never hand in their reading log books, maybe they would blog about books they have read, you never know until you try I suppose.
I have really enjoyed the learning 2.0 program, but I have to say I have probably done about 95% of it at home. I felt guilty trying to do it at work, there was always something else I should be doing. Some of the people who have struggled to complete the program in the time slot have also had this problem, paired with the fact that this is just stuff that they don't do at home, makes it hard. As with our patrons, there are staff who just aren't interested in learning the ins and outs of all this stuff and that's ok. If we did it again, maybe do it in pairs and have time together organised off desk to do it, when it is ok to do it.
There's stuff I have to go back to, the RSS feeds for example, why do I have them, and what do they really do? Really simple stuff, probably, but ???
Podcasts could be used to great advantage by libraries, advertise the features of the library on local websites that may be getting more hits than the library website, people nowadays are more visual and may look. Link into the local school websites with podcasts on the local library and how they could support the students, podcasts to explain how to use the catalogue, the list is long.
Wikis sound awesome for libraries as well, book groups, staff manuals, facilitate more patron input, all good ideas for a wiki.
So that's it, congrats to all who have finished, and keep going to all those who haven't. I know some people who are keen to go in the next round, so that's good. There were some negative aspects to all this, but I'm trying to be a more positive person, so that's for another day.

Is this what we will have to do with the few books we have left because everyone else is finding all they want on the internet?? I for one hope not!!

22 Audio Books

Well this was interesting wasn't it. The first site I tried, The world ebooks/Project Gutenberg site, raised some questions. Are they free or aren't they?? Some were and some weren't, some were easy to download and some weren't, some were easy to find and some weren't.
Then I did the tried and true, I googled free audio books and found the Librivox site, also alluded to in Mr Diems wonderful blog. Thanks to him I also listened to a little of the computer generated David Copperfield. Very funny.
The whole idea is a good one, and one that could be used very successfully in libraries. Copyright implications would have to be worked out and other issues such as does the patron provide the player for the file, or should libraries consider loaning mp3 players? There would then have to be staff who could explain how to use the equipment and deal with any problems that may arise with the equipment.
I think audio books in this format could be very useful for older or visually impaired patrons, if you could have a very simple player with large buttons on it. Some of the mp3 players these days have difficult to use scroll wheels and very very tiny buttons.